What is Commuter?

Commuter is simulation modelling software which analyses door-to-door trips made by people. The analysis includes all segments of that trip:

  • walking segments: for example, from home to station, or parking to office
  • self-driven segments: for example, from driveway to city-centre parking
  • public transport segments: for example, suburban station to city-centre

Each person in the simulation makes dynamic route choice decisions, not only between possible routes of the same mode, but between different modes. Some example dynamic route-choice decisions modelled in Commuter are:

  • The motorway looks busy: I'll take the next exit, go to the "Park & ride", and take the bus to the city centre.
  • The train is late: I'll walk to George St and get a bus to my destination.
  • It's raining: I'll walk through the shopping mall to the parking and drive to the meeting instead of taking the train.

Commuter analyses the performance of each design by measuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This allows you to choose the best design from all proposed alternatives and to further optimize the chosen design.

Commuter has been acquired by Autodesk Inc.