people in taxis

In Commuter, you can define some vehicles as taxis. These vehicles can wait on lanes defined to be taxi ranks, and people can then use them as part of their route choice.

By default, any type of person can use a taxi, but the probability is varied for each type of person by changing the weighted cost values for time and distance against price. That is, people who put a high value on their time, such as business travellers, will be more likely to use a taxi than leisure travellers, who may use an alternative mode of travel, such as bus or train.

However, all people can discover the timetables of for bus or train, so if there is a long wait for the next bus or train, even a leisure traveller may decide to use a taxi.

At the end of the road segment travelled in a taxi, a person will get out of the taxi at a special type of parking zone, labelled a drop-off zone.

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