people in buses

Commuter models any number of public transport services, each travelling on a fixed route. These can be used to model buses or trams, interacting with private dynamic-route vehicles - cars, trucks etc - on the road network. Buses and trams will also interact with pedestrians at crossings, or even if they are jaywalking.

A bus is configured to stop at a number of stands along its route, where it can pick up or set down passengers. As with private vehicles, the buses are acting as part of the supply for the person-trip demand. A person can choose to take a bus between two stands if it appears to be the lowest cost option, taking into account value of time, price of bus fare, and any other parameters.

You can track people as passengers on any bus service, and follow each one through any change on to another service. Comprehensive measurements are recorded for each bus and for each passenger-phase of a person-trip. Some example measurements are:

  • time waiting at stop
  • time travelling on bus
  • time walking from bus stop to final destination

Commuter has been acquired by Autodesk Inc.